Home Selling Tips

1. Stage your home. 

- Staging makes a huge difference. On the Outside its about the curb appeal. Keep the lawn watered & mowed & flowers watered, remove any clutter, replace light fixtures if needed. The first thing buyers see is the front of the house. a small improvement could greatly improve curb appeal thus attracting more buyers. Inside its about making the buyers see themselves living there. Remove personal pictures, items and clutter.
2. Price your home correctly.
 - this is more important then staging your home. The market determines the price of your home. your agent could spend thousands on marketing & host open houses every weekend but if its not priced right it wont sell. at the same time you do not want to give your home away, I understand. This is why it's best to sit down with your agent to review his/her market analysis & go from there.
 3. Have good listing pictures.
- This falls on your agent ( Hopefully me). 92% of Home buyers start their search online & first impressions are huge. Buyers want pictures & lots of them.
4. Allow open houses.
open houses are a great way for buyers to see your home. Allowing your agent a few hours every or every other weekend to host an open house is the way to go.